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How to Activate and Use Cortana in Windows 10

Cortana is Microsoft's virtual assistant that can perform various tasks on your computer with voice commands. Cortana is built with artificial

Konten [Tampil]

Cortana is Microsoft's virtual assistant that can perform various tasks on your computer with voice commands. Cortana is built with artificial intelligence technology or artificial intelligence that seeks to imitate human intelligence and behavior.

In the early days of using Cortana I was quite impressed with this digital assistant, especially how it responds to conversations and performs commands exactly the way we want. But over time there are limitations that keep Cortana looking like a program, not as perfect as a human.

Even so, using Cortana is still fun, and in certain conditions quite useful. Cortana can do many things from performing web searches and displaying snippets on the Start menu, playing music and radio, reading out incoming e-mails, creating notes, making schedules, to playing games to guess the title of a movie.

There are actually several other virtual assistants that are also made with AI such as Apple's Siri and Amazon's Alexa, but because we are in the Windows 10 ecosystem, Cortana is the best.

In this post, bingGo will show you how to activate Cortana in Windows 10 and brief instructions on how to use it.

How to activate Cortana

1. Update Windows

Updating is one of the things that must be done after installing Windows 10, especially for those of you who are using an old version of the ISO package that doesn't have Cortana in it yet. So we have to do an update first so we can install Cortana.

How to update you can go to Settings => select Update & Security => click the Check button for updates. Wait for the update process to complete.

2. Login Microsoft account

The next step is to log in using a Microsoft account (outlook email) on Windows 10. The trick is to click the Start button => Account => login.

3. Change the language and region  the United States

Until now, Cortana still doesn't support Indonesian, so in order to use it, we have to change the language and region of Windows 10 to a country that supports it.

The United States is a country that gets full support for all Windows features, including applications on the Microsoft Store, so it is recommended to use this country.

The trick is to enter Settings => select Time and Language => select Region.

In the Country or region option, select United States.

In the Regional format option, select English (United States).


Then enter the language menu, then select English (United States).


When finished, restart the computer so that the changes can be applied perfectly.

4. Activate Cortana

Then we can activate Cortana. The trick is to click on the circle icon to the right of the search bar, or you can also click the Start button and then find a menu called Cortana.


On the user agreement page, select I agree.

Click Use Cortana => click Yes => click Sign in.


At this point, we have successfully activated Cortana in Windows 10, but the voice command feature still cannot be used. We have to activate it first.

5. Activate the "hey Cortana" feature to be able to use voice commands

Hey Cortana is a voice command that will activate Cortana's listening mode, so when we say "hey Cortana" the microphone will be active and our next words will be a command for Cortana.

To activate this feature, go to Settings => select Cortana.


Click on Check the microphone. Make sure the voice input has been detected properly. You can use the built-in microphone from the laptop or use an external device such as a headset with a mic.

In the Hi Cortana option, click until it becomes On.

Check the option "Keep my device from sleeping when it's plugged in so I can always say" Hi Cortana "(unless I turn it off myself) - this function is to prevent sleep on the laptop when connected to the charger.


When finished, get out of the settings and try using the Hey Cortana feature. When it is set correctly, every time we say "Hey Cortana", Cortana will immediately activate.

How to use Cortana

Using Cortana is fun. Cortana can do everything from doing technical work, singing, reciting poetry and quotes, to laughing. Using Cortana every day can also train our skills in speaking English, this is one of the reasons why I use Cortana every day.

To use Cortana with a voice command you have to start by saying "Hi Cortana" and then say the command.

For example, we want to create a new alarm, then we have to say "Hi Cortana" => then Cortana will be active and be in listen mode => then say "set the alarm".

There are many other things we can do with Cortana, I'm going to share a complete list of voice commands that Cortana can do.

Each voice command below must be prefixed by saying "Hi Cortana".
Must use English.

1. Open the application

Open "application name"
Go to "application name"
Example: Open Google Chrome, Open Mail, Open Mozilla Firefox, Open Notepad.

2. Check and read out incoming email

Check my email
Check my inbox

3. Make notes (notes)

Create a note
Can also make a note directly with the title,
Create a (title) note, for example: create a Sunday note.

4. Create a schedule

Set a schedule
Set a schedule for (name of the day)

5. Turning off the computer

Shutdown the computer
Turn off
Turn off the computer

6.Playing music (via Spotify)

Play the music
Play the (title song)

7. Create an alarm

Set the alarm
Set the alarm for (number of minutes) - the alarm will be counted down based on the number of minutes we mentioned.

8. Turn off the alarm

Turn off the alarm
Turn off the alarm  (time)

9. Translate words from English to other languages

Translate "word" to "language"
Example: Translate sleeping to Germany.
How do I say " word " in " Language "?
Example: How do I say sleeping in Italian.

10. Defines the meaning of a word

Define "word"
Example: Define peculiar - Cortana will explain the meaning of the word "peculiar".

11. Get weather forecast information

Tell me about the weather?
What is the weather like?
What is the weather in (location)? Example.: What is the weather in Berlin?
How is the weather “time”? Example: How is the weather tomorrow?, How is the weather on Sunday?

12. Get information about sunrise and sunset times

When does the sunrise?
When does the sunset?

13. Currency conversion

"Currency" in "currency"
"Nominal currency" in "currency"
Example: US dollar to Germany Euro, 10 US dollars to Germany Euro.

14. Become a playmate

Let's play the movie game
Let's play rock, paper scissor

15. Sing

Sing a song for me
Sing a good song for me

16. Laughter

Laugh for me
Can you laugh?

17. Read out funny stories, quotes, poetry

Tell me a story
Tell me a good story
Tell me a joke
Tell me a bad joke
Tell me a poem
Tell me a quote

18. Obtain someone's biographical information

Who is "name of person"
Example: Who is Bill Gates?, Who is Mark Zuckerberg?, Who is Jeff Bezos?.

19. Image search

Show me the pictures of "object"
Show me the photos of "object"
Example: Show me the photos of a Leopard

20. Video search

Show me the videos of "object"
Example: Show me the videos of Lion in Savannah

21. Search size information (height, area, distance, depth)

How tall is "object" - to get height information about a person, building, or other object.
Example: How tall is a Lion?, How tall is Bill Gates?, How tall is Burj Khalifa?
How large is “location” - to get area information for an area.
Example: How large is London?, How large is Berlin?
How far between “location” and “location” - to get distance information from one place to another.
Example: How far between London and New Jersey?, How far between Jupiter and Mars?
How deep is "water area" - to find information on the depth of an area of ​​water.

22. Count like a calculator

What is (percentage) of (number)? Example: What is 20% of 1,300,000
What is (number) times (number)? Example: What is 77 times 98?
What is (number) divided by (number)? Example: What is 99 divided by 19?
Power root:
What is the square root of (number)? Example: What's the square root of 999?
How many (number) (unit) in (unit)? Example: How many 1,000,000 Kilograms in Milligrams?

23. Answering questions (chatting)

Cortana can answer a lot of questions, sometimes there is humor tucked in there. You can try the following questions:
Who are you?
What are you?
How you made?
Who made you?
How do you look?
Who is your voice?
Are you smart?
Are you fat?
Are you beautiful?
Are you man or woman?
Who is your father?
Who is your mother?
Do you have siblings?
Do you happy?
Are you mad with me?
Do you love me?
Do you feel good?
Do you love Bill Gates?
What is in your mind?
What are you thinking right now?
What happened today?

There is much more that Cortana can do, you can try it for yourself. The key to using Cortana is to start with "hey Cortana" then say the command word or question followed by the keyword. Good luck!