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How to Fix Missing Bluetooth Icon in Windows 10

To access Bluetooth functions such as sending and receiving files, connecting speakers, headsets, and other Bluetooth devices

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To access Bluetooth functions such as sending and receiving files, connecting speakers, headsets, and other Bluetooth devices, we can use the Bluetooth icon in the taskbar (system tray icon area). But this icon can be lost without knowing what caused it, suddenly the Bluetooth icon is no longer there when we try to access it.

The loss of the Bluetooth icon does not always mean that the Bluetooth driver has been deleted or that Bluetooth is not functioning at all. Sometimes it could be due to a change in settings as a result of installing a new program.

Turning off Bluetooth will also cause the Bluetooth icon to disappear from the system tray in Windows 10. Moreover, the missing Bluetooth icon may also mean that the driver has been deleted so it needs to be reinstalled. So there are many factors causing it.

How to restore lost Bluetooth icon

1. Make sure Bluetooth is active

The first thing to check is the Bluetooth status of your laptop, whether it's active or inactive. The Bluetooth icon will automatically disappear from the tray icon area if Bluetooth is turned off, so before trying anything else do this first step.

Click on the Windows key => select Settings => select Devices => turn on Bluetooth.


After turning Bluetooth on, the icon will immediately appear again on the taskbar. Then you just need to use it for the purposes of sending files or connecting other devices.

2. Show icon via Bluetooth settings menu

The Bluetooth icon settings displayed in the Windows 10 notification area can be changed according to the user's wishes. If your Bluetooth icon is not there, you can check this setting.

Follow these steps:

Go to Settings => select Devices.

On the Bluetooth tab, find the More Bluetooth options menu, click once to open it.


Check the option Show the Bluetooth icon in the notification area => click OK.


After changing the settings above, you should now see the Bluetooth icon in the system tray again.

3. Install the appropriate Bluetooth driver

As mentioned earlier, one of the reasons for the Bluetooth icon not appearing in the system tray could also be caused by the Bluetooth driver being deleted, damaged, or not installed at all.

Therefore, we need to check it first.

First check the Device Manager, see if there are already Bluetooth drivers installed.

Enter the Device Manager by pressing Windows key + R then typing devmgmt.msc.

The Device Manger program will open, find the Bluetooth device there.


If it doesn't mean the Bluetooth driver isn't installed, then we have to find the right driver and install it on the computer.

Install the appropriate Bluetooth driver by following the steps given here.

When finished, restart the computer. Now the Bluetooth icon will appear again in the system tray. If it doesn't appear, try doing steps 1 and 2 above.

4. Run the Bluetooth Support Service

Bluetooth Support Service is the name of the service on the Windows operating system that plays a role in carrying out the Bluetooth function. This service must be running for Bluetooth to be used, otherwise it is the same as turning Bluetooth off.

Check the status of the Bluetooth Support Service, if it's not running, then you have to run it.

Follow these steps:

First open the Services Manager program by pressing Windows key + R on the keyboard, then type services.msc => click OK.

Next find a service called Bluetooth Support Services, after finding it, double-click to open it.

Then click Start.


If you find Bluetooth Support Services already running (status: running), then all you can do restarts it.

The trick is to right click on Bluetooth Support Services => select Restart.


After making sure Bluetooth services are running on Windows, double check whether the Bluetooth icon has reappeared in the system tray. If so, the Bluetooth on your laptop can be used again.

5. Reinstall the Bluetooth driver

Drivers that stop working can also cause the Bluetooth icon to disappear in Windows 10. To fix this, we can reinstall the driver to get new files.

The trick is to enter the Device Manager by pressing the Windows key + R then typing devmgmt.msc , then clicking OK.

In the Device Manager finds the Bluetooth device, click on the arrow next to it to expand the menu.

Right click on your laptop Bluetooth driver => select Uninstall device.


After that close the Device Manager window and restart your computer.

After the computer restarts, Windows 10 will automatically reinstall the Bluetooth drivers. Now you have used the new driver files and this way the Bluetooth icon should appear again.