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How to Fix Blur and Small Text in Windows 10

Text in Windows 10 that is used on large screens will usually look blurry, broken, too small, and not sharp enough to make it difficult to read.

Konten [Tampil]

Text in Windows 10 that is used on large screens will usually look blurry, broken, too small, and not sharp enough to make it difficult to read. Especially when reading text in Google Chrome, the letters look so thin that they make the eyes uncomfortable.

This is because the display settings and text scale are not yet right. To fix this, you can make adjustments so that the text becomes clearer, sharper, and easier to read.

This kind of problem is often experienced by users with monitor screens with a resolution of 1920 × 1080 and above. Likewise with laptop users who use an extended monitor which is much larger than a laptop monitor.

How to solve blurred text in Windows 10

1. Open the Adjust ClearType text setting

The first step, enter the Adjust ClearType text settings in Windows 10.

The trick is to click on the Windows button => type cleartype => select the Adjust ClearType text menu that appears.


2. Enable Turn on ClearType

The ClearType window will appear, check the Turn on ClearType option, then click the Next button.


3. Enable ClearType on all monitors

In the next window there will be an option to activate ClearType on the desired monitor. If you are using two monitors then enable them on both.

Check the option Yes, I want to tune all monitors now => then click the Next button.


4. Set the monitor resolution to the default resolution

The next step, ClearType will ensure that your monitor is using the proper resolution (native resolution).

The detection process will run automatically, when finished you will see a description of "Your Color LCD monitor is set to its native resolution".

Then click on the Next button.


5. Select the sample text that is clearest  your eyes

Then ClearType will present writing samples for you to choose from, the goal is to determine what kind of writing is easiest for your eyes to read.

Choose the clearest writing, the difference is very subtle, but if you look closely you will see which writing is the easiest to read. Choose the text that has the darkest and thickest black color to make it look sharper on a large monitor.

After selecting the next text, click on the Next button.


Follow the steps to complete (there are 4-5 stages). Make sure you choose the most legible text.

6. Continue to the second monitor

If you are using a single monitor the process will be finished once you have selected all the clearest texts, the final step is simply pressing the Finish button.

However, for those who use dual monitors, ClearType will make the same adjustments to the second monitor. Follow the same steps, choosing which text is easiest for your eyes to read.

After all stages are completed, click on the Finish button.


Done, after adjusting the text with the steps above, you should now be able to see the difference. Posts in Windows 10 are no longer blurry, choppy, and unclear.

Make a scaling adjustment to solve the blur and small text on the big monitor

If the text still looks too small and light, this means you have to make a scaling on the monitor. Usually this happens on monitors that are large (20 inch and above).

Follow these steps:

First, go to Settings => select System => click on the Display tab.

Pay attention to the Scale and layout => section in the Change the size of text, apps, and other items option, select a larger scale percentage.


You can try several magnification scales until you find one that best fits your monitor size.

On a monitor with a resolution of 2560 × 1600 using 200% magnification will give the best results. Feel free to try for yourself which scale best fits your monitor.

After zooming in, the writing will appear clearer and less thin.

For those who use dual monitors, this scale adjustment must be made on both.

You do this by selecting one by one monitor on the Display section.

First select monitor 1 => adjust the scale.

Then select on monitor 2 => adjust the scale.


Resolves thin and hard to read text on Google Chrome

The settings we did earlier will only change the writing  Windows systems. When you open Google Chrome, the writing will still look thin, especially on large monitors.

To fix this, you can use the Zoom feature.

First open the Google Chrome application.

Then click on the Menu button => select Settings.

Next, click on the Appearance tab.

In the Page zoom section selects a larger scale to find the most comfortable text size.


After changing the zoom scale, the writing on Google Chrome will appear thicker and bigger so that it is easier to read.

Overcoming blurred text because the display driver (VGA) is not installed

A graphics card that does not work because the driver has not been installed can also cause Windows 10 to look ugly, such as large icons, the display looks wider, and the writing looks unclear.

To fix this, you need to install the appropriate VGA driver.

If you don't have a driver file, then we can find it on the internet, the following tutorial will help you:

Adjust Windows 10 Performance settings

The last tip you can do is adjust the Windows configuration for best appearance.

You do this by entering the system settings.

First press Windows key + R on the keyboard => then type system.cpl => click OK.

Then click the Advanced tab => in the Performance section, click the Settings button.

You can select the Adjust for best appearance option to activate all graphic features. This will make Windows look nicer, but the consequence will consume more resources. With high spec computers this should not be a problem.

Second Option You can choose the Custom option and then choose one by one which features you want to activate.


When finished, click the OK button. Then restart your computer.

Those are some tips to overcome text that is blurry and hard to read in Windows 10. Good luck. If it still doesn't work, please comment below, we'll try to help.