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How to Find Intel HD Graphics Series & Install Suitable Drivers

Intel HD Graphics is a graphics processor that is on an Intel CPU. Unlike the physically separate dedicated VGA such as NVIDIA and AMD Radeon

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Intel HD Graphics is a graphics processor that is on an Intel CPU. Unlike the physically separate dedicated VGA such as NVIDIA and AMD Radeon, Intel HD Graphics is directly attached to the CPU so it is also called Integrated Graphics.

When reinstalling Windows, the Intel HD Graphics driver is sometimes not installed, so we have to download and install it manually. The correct driver is the one according to the type and series of CPU being used.

If the Intel HD Graphics driver is not installed properly, the function will not work, and Windows will still look ugly, blurry fonts, widened screen display, and the resolution is not right.

On this occasion we will discuss how to find the right Intel HD Graphics driver for the laptop that is being used.

How to find out the Intel HD Graphics series and Install the appropriate Driver

1. Open the Run window

First open the Run window by pressing the Windows key + R on the keyboard.


2. Type dxdiag

Then type dxdiag => click OK.


3. View the processor information on the laptop

The DirectX Diagnostic program will open. If a pop up window appears, select Yes.

Wait for dxdiag to finish loading the hardware information present on your laptop.

When finished, in the System section, see information about the Processor. There you will see the generation of processors used complete with the series.


This information is what we will use to find the Intel HD Graphics driver that fits our laptop.

4. Download the appropriate driver

Then use the information about the processor series obtained from dxdiag to download the appropriate Intel HD Graphics driver.

We have compiled a collection of Intel HD Graphics drivers based on your processor and Windows version for your convenience.

Look here:

Download Intel HD Graphics Driver

Information about the driver series based on the processor can be found in the table below.

5. Install into the laptop

After finding the appropriate driver, immediately install it to your laptop as usual.

If you got the driver in zip format, follow the steps here to install it:

6. Restart Windows

The last step is restarting your laptop.

You will see that the graphic display on the laptop has changed for the better, then just set the right resolution and adjust the icon size.

If you are still having problems with text that still looks blurry, thin, and broken, then follow these tips to fix it.

You can find Intel HD Graphics drivers in Device Manager => Display adapters.


Intel HD Graphics driver based on processor

You can use the following table to determine the suitable Intel HD Graphics VGA driver series on your laptop:

Intel processorIntel HD Graphics version
2nd Generation
Intel Celeron 7xx, 8xx, Bxxx
Intel Core i3 2xxx
Intel Core i5 2xxx
Intel Core i7 2xxx
Intel Pentium 900 / B900 / G600 / G800 Series
Intel Celeron 700/800 / B700 / B800 / G400 / G500 Series
Intel HD Graphics 2000
Intel HD Graphics 3000
3rd Generation
Intel Core i3 3xxx
Intel Core i5 3xxx
Intel Core i7 3xxx
Intel Celeron 1000 / G1600 Series
Intel Pentium 2000 / A1000 / G2000 Series
Intel Atom Z3700
Intel HD Graphics 2500
Intel HD Graphics 4000
4th Generation
Intel Core i3 4xxx
Intel Core i5 4xxx
Intel i7 4xxx
Intel Celeron N3000 Series
Intel Pentium G3460 / T
Intel Pentium N3700 / N3710
Intel HD Graphics 4200
Intel HD Graphics 4400
Intel HD Graphics 4600
Intel HD Graphics 5000
5th Generation
Intel Core i3 5xxx
Intel Core i5 5xxx
Intel Core i7 5xxx
Intel Core M-5xxx
Intel HD Graphics 5300
Intel HD Graphics 5500
Intel HD Graphics 6000
6th Generation
Intel Core i3 6xxx
Intel Core i5 6xxx
Intel Core i7 6xxx
Intel Core m5-6xxx
Intel Core m7-6xx
Intel HD Graphics 510
Intel HD Graphics 515
Intel HD Graphics 520
Intel HD Graphics 530
Intel HD Graphics P530
7th Generation
Intel Core i3 7xxx
Intel Core i5 7xxx
Intel Core i7 7xxx
Intel HD Graphics 500
Intel HD Graphics 505
Intel HD Graphics 610
Intel HD Graphics 615
Intel HD Graphics 620
Intel HD Graphics 630
Intel HD Graphics P630

At this point, you should have managed to find out which Intel HD Graphics series is on your laptop and PC and install the appropriate drivers. If there are still difficulties, feel free to comment below.

Hopefully useful and good luck.