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How to Update Windows 10 to the Latest Version

Those of you who recently moved from Windows 7 to Windows 10 must be a little awkward with Windows 10's very different appearance.

Konten [Tampil]
How to update Windows 10

Those of you who recently moved from Windows 7 to Windows 10 must be a little awkward with Windows 10's very different appearance. I also felt it in the early days of moving to Microsoft's most modern OS.

One of the menus that we need to access is Update, in this post I will show you an easy way to Update Windows 10.

Updating Windows 10 is very important, in fact, this is the first thing that must be done after installing Windows 10 so that we get all the features available, plus install hardware drivers automatically.

Usually after updating, we don't need to install the driver manually because everything has been detected and can work properly. This is one of the advantages of Windows 10  other versions.

How to update Windows 10 to the latest version

1. Open the Settings menu

The first step is to open the Settings menu by clicking the Start button, then clicking the gear icon.

2. Select Update & Security

Find and click on the Update & the Security menu (located at the bottom).

3. Click Check for updates

To update Windows 10 click on the Check for updates button. Wait until the process is complete, Windows will automatically detect if there are new updates available and immediately download and install them. We just have to wait.

4. Update features

We can also update feature to get the latest features from Microsoft. Usually, feature updates must be done manually because of its size. Make sure you are using a WIFI network.

The following is a table of Windows versions for the last 3 years:

Take a look at your Windows version, how to click the Start button> type About> click on About PC> find the Version information in the Windows specifications section.

If it is lower than the last version, then you can update to the latest version. The trick is to click the Download and install now button on the Optional updates option.

5. Set the update schedule so as not to interfere with working hours

Furthermore, we can also set automatic updates at hours that are deemed safe, at which time the computer is not used for work.

Why should it be so? So that Windows doesn't do automatic updates while we're working. If you do heavy work such as editing videos, the update can make your computer slow because it takes up a lot of memory.

To set an automatic update schedule, it's very easy, first click on the Change active hour menu.

Turn off the option Automatically adjusts active hours for this device based on activity. 

After that click Change.

Set the hours of active hours, which is the time when you use the computer for work purposes, where you don't want Windows to update suddenly. The settings that I use are like this.

When finished, click the Save button.

After setting up active hours, we can work calmly without worrying about being interrupted by automatic updates that sometimes suddenly run.

That's how to update Windows 10 to the latest version and how to schedule an automatic update. Hope this helps!