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How to Make the Start Menu and Taskbar Transparent in Windows 10

The transparent effect on the Taskbar and Start menu is one of the features you can use to make Windows 10 look more pleasing to the eye.

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The transparent effect on the Taskbar and Start menu is one of the features you can use to make Windows 10 look more pleasing to the eye.

To get this effect, we can use the Personalization settings that have been provided, but to make the Taskbar and Start menu more transparent, or even 100% transparent, we have to use a little trick  the system registry or use additional applications.

To create a transparent effect using the default Windows 10 settings, you can do the following steps.

How to Make the Windows 10 Taskbar Transparent

  1. First open the Settings menu.
  2. Select the Personalization menu.
  3. Click on the Colors tab.
  4. Check the Transparency effects option.

You will notice a change in the appearance of the Taskbar and Start menu to be a little more transparent. Unfortunately, Windows 10 doesn't provide a feature to adjust how high the transparent effect is. To do this we need a little modification to the system registry.

How to Make Windows 10's Taskbar and Start Menu More Transparent

If you are not satisfied with the default effects provided by Windows 10 where there are no settings to adjust the transparency level on the Taskbar and other Windows elements then you can use this method.

To create a transparent effect at a higher level, it is necessary to modify the system registry. We are going to create a new entry containing the commands to activate the high transparency effect on the Taskbar.

Follow these steps:

1. Open Registry Editor

The first step is to open the Registry Editor by pressing the Windows key + R on the keyboard => typing regedit => clicking the OK button.


2. Enter the following directory

After the Registry Editor program opens, in the left pane, navigate to the following directory:


3. Create a new registry entry

Click on the Advanced folder, then on the right panel => right-click on an empty area => select New => select DWORD (32-bit) value.




4. Change the data value to 1

Then double-click on the UseOLEDTaskbarTransparency key that was just created. In the Value data column, fill in 1 => click OK.


5. Activate transparent effect

Close the Registry editor program, then activates the transparent effect via the Personalization setting.

The trick is to click on the Start button => Settings => Personalization => Colors.

Check the Transparency effects option.

If it turns out that the Transparency effects are already on, then you need to turn them off first and then activate them again so that the effects can appear.

To restore this transparent effect and return it to normal you just have to return to the Registry editor and delete the key that was created earlier. After that restart the computer.

To make the appearance more attractive you can also use one of these Cool and Light Windows 10 Themes.

How to make Windows 10's Taskbar and Start menu 100% transparent

1. Download the TransculentTB application

Using the Registry modification trick above does provide a slightly higher transparent effect than the default effect.

However, if you are still lacking and want to make the Taskbar 100% transparent, then you can use an application called TransculentTB.

This application is an application made specifically for modifying the transparent effect of the Taskbar in Windows 10. This application can also be used on Windows 8 and Windows 7.

Select the application  .exe format, if you choose the .zip format, you need to extract it first.

2. Install the downloaded application

After the application is downloaded, install it on your computer.

Once installed, you will immediately notice the changes on the Taskbar which become more transparent.

3. Use the Clear effect to make the Taskbar clear

To make it 100% transparent right click on the TransculentTB icon in the tray area => Regular => select the Clear option.


Now the Taskbar will turn clear. To change to another mode, you just have to return to the TransculentTB application and select the desired mode.

Those are some ways you can try to modify the appearance of the Start menu and Taskbar in Windows 10, either using built-in features, modifying the registry, or using additional applications.

Good luck, if you're having trouble, don't hesitate to comment on the column we have provided below.