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How to Fix Slow Appearing Right Click Menu in Windows 10

One of the problems that Windows 10 users often experience is the slow right-click menu or contextual menu that appears. This problem very often

Konten [Tampil]

One of the problems that Windows 10 users often experience is the slow right-click menu or contextual menu that appears. This problem very often occurs without knowing the cause.

The contextual menu is a pop up menu that appears when we right-click a file, program, or empty area on the desktop. This window contains menus that can be accessed quickly such as for copying and moving files, creating shortcuts, and accessing other menus.

Although this problem can be ignored because it is not serious, for those of you who are annoyed by the slowing down of the right-click menu in Windows 10, you can try to solve it with the following steps.

How to fix slow right-click menu appearing in Windows 10

1. Press the Windows key + R

The first step is to press Windows key + R on your laptop or PC keyboard. Later the Run window will appear.


2. Type Regedit

Then type Regedit in the Run window that appears.


3. Click the OK button

After that click the OK button.

The Registry editor window will open.

4. Enter the ContextMenuHandlers directory

In the Registry editor, pay attention to the right-hand panel, you can see a lot of registry directories in your Windows.

Find and enter the following directory:

HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT \ Directory \ Background \ shellex \ ContextMenuHandlers

5. Delete the Context Menu folder according to the VGA you are using

After entering the ContextMenuHandlers folder, find one of the following folders, according to the VGA brand you are using:

NVIDIA: NvCplDesktopContext

Intel: igfxcui, igfxDTCM


After you find it, delete the folder by right-clicking => Delete.


6. Restart the computer

Close the Registry editor, then restart your laptop or PC.

7. Check if the right-click menu is not slow

After the computer restarts, make sure the right-click menu is no longer slow.

Causes of slow right-click menu appearing in Windows 10

The right-click menu that appears to be slow in Windows 10 is still not certain what causes it. But based on personal experience and some friends, this problem occurs after installing the VGA driver.

The VGA menu that appears in the context menu is suspected to be the cause. When the menu is removed using the above method, the right-click menu is no longer slow and returns to normal as usual.

If you experience this, try to remember if this appears after you install a new VGA and install the driver. If so, then that's the cause. By doing the above, the problem should be resolved.

Another solution you can try

Apart from using a registry editor, there are other solutions you can try as an alternative. In essence, what we are doing is removing the VGA context menu from the right-click menu.

Using the ShellExView application

We can use this application to manage shell extensions and menus in Windows 10, including the right-click menu. SellExView can be used to remove the right-click menu which is the source of the problem.

First download the application from the link below:

After you download it, install the application on your computer as usual.

Open the SellExView application, wait until all existing shell extensions are detected, then you will see a list on the main application page.

Find the shell extension from the VGA you are using, here is the list:

  • NVIDIA: NVIDIA CPL Context Menu Extension.
  • Intel: TheDeskTopContextMenu Class.
  • AMD: SimpleShlExt Class.

For example, for AMD VGA users, the shell extension will be called SimpleShlExt Class. Click on the extension, then click the red button to disable it.


Close the SellExView application, then restart your computer.

Updating the VGA driver

Making sure all existing drivers are always updated is one of the tips for speeding up Windows 10. Outdated or even corrupt drivers are sure to cause problems. This results in the hardware not working properly, and can impact other programs.

Because the problem with the slow right-click menu appears in Windows 10, the cause is due to the VGA context menu, so it makes sense to update the driver to make sure we are using the latest version of the driver. It could be that the driver currently being used has a bug.

Just update the VGA driver by downloading it directly from the official site according to the VGA brand you are using.

If you can't find the driver on the site, then you can use the driver update method that we discussed in previous posts. Check out the tutorial here: How to Update Drivers in Windows 10.

When finished updating, restart the computer. Then check again if the problem with the slow right-click menu is gone.

Disable context menu options when installing the VGA driver

This problem can actually be prevented when installing the VGA driver. In the installation process, there is always an option to display the context menu or not, so you can choose not to display it. This way the slow right-click problem won't appear.

Those are some of the ways you can try to solve slow right-click appearing in Windows 10, this tutorial is the result of personal experience. If you still have trouble, please feel free to comment below. Hope you can help.