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How to Fix Bluetooth Can't Send and Receive Windows 10 Files

Bluetooth is still a practical method for sending files from one device to another. By using Bluetooth we don't need a data cable and sending files

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Bluetooth is still a practical method for sending files from one device to another. By using Bluetooth we don't need a data cable and sending files can be done offline.

Sending files via Bluetooth on Windows 10 can also be done easily. We can send files from computers to cell phones, tablets, and other devices or vice versa. However, this can only be done if Bluetooth is functioning normally.

If there is a problem with Windows 10 Bluetooth such as a missing Bluetooth icon, corrupt drivers, or other things that cause Bluetooth not working, then we cannot send or receive files.

On this occasion, bingGo will provide several solutions that you can try to solve Bluetooth problems that often occur in Windows 10.

How to Fix Bluetooth Can't Send and Receive Files in Windows 10

1. Make Sure Bluetooth is Active

Before trying anything else, the first step is to make sure that Bluetooth is on. If you are using an external Bluetooth device with an on / off switch, then make sure the device is turned on.

Then also make sure the Bluetooth feature in Windows 10 is ON. How to turn it on by going to Settings => select Devices => select Bluetooth and other devices => click the ON button to turn on Bluetooth.

how-to-fix-bluetooth-can-not-send-and-receive-files in-windows-10

2. Use the Correct Method for Receiving the File

If you can't send files from your phone to Windows 10 then it could be the wrong way. To be able to receive files via Bluetooth in Windows 10 you have to go through the Receive a file window. If sent directly it will fail.

To receive a file, right-click on the Bluetooth icon in the tray icon => select Receive a file.

how-to-fix-bluetooth-can-not-send-and-receive-files in-windows-10-1

Afterwards you send files from mobile phones with Windows 10. The files later will be visible in the window Receive a file before and you just press the button Accept / Receive.

3. Turn Bluetooth Off and Then On Again

How to fix Bluetooth can't send files in Windows 10, which next is to try to turn off and turn on the Bluetooth device. This may sound trivial, but sometimes it works.

You try to turn off Bluetooth in Windows 10 by going to Settings => Devices => Bluetooth and other devices => click to Off => wait a moment then turn it back on to On.

Likewise, Bluetooth on the cell phone or the opponent's device, turn Off Bluetooth => pause => then turn it On again.

After that try again to send the file, is it possible?

4. Remove the Bluetooth Device and Then Add it Back

Next, you also need to try to inspire the Bluetooth device connected to Windows 10 and then add it back. This method can sometimes solve the problem of being unable to send and receive files.

Go to Settings => Devices => Bluetooth and other devices => click Bluetooth devices => click the Remove device button.

how-to-fix-bluetooth-can-not-send-and-receive-files in-windows-10-2

After that, click the Add Bluetooth or other device button => re-add the device as usual.

After the device is connected again try again to use to send or receive files via Bluetooth.

5. Turn Off Other Bluetooth Devices

On devices with the latest technology, this should rarely cause problems, but it doesn't hurt if you try. If your Windows 10 has several Bluetooth devices connected at the same time, then try turning off other devices that are not being used to send files.

You can remove or turn off other devices such as speakers or Bluetooth headsets or other cell phones that are not in use. Leave only the device that will be used to send files. After that, try again to repeat the file transfer process via Bluetooth, is it possible?

6. Place the Device Closer to the Computer

Bluetooth has a range limitation in order to function normally. When two devices want to transfer files, the two devices must be close together so that the sending process can take place faster. If it is too far, the transfer process will take longer and can even fail.

Therefore, you must ensure that the distance between the computer and the cell phone or Bluetooth device that is being used is not too far away. Keep the two devices close when transferring files so that they can work optimally.

7. Update Windows 10

The next way to deal with Bluetooth can't send files is to update Windows 10. This does look like nothing to do, but make no mistake, updating also means getting the latest patches to cover bugs.

As we know, bugs in Windows 10 can cause various problems, including making Bluetooth not working. Therefore, it doesn't hurt to update.

The trick is to click on the Start button => select Settings => select Update & Security => click the Check for updates button.

how-to-fix-bluetooth-can-not-send-and-receive-files in-windows-10-3

Wait until the update process is complete, do not forget to make sure your internet connection is stable and have enough data internet if using a modem.

After the download update is complete, restart your computer. After the computer turns on again try to transfer files via Bluetooth.

8. Check Whether the Bluetooth Driver is Installed Correctly

In order for it to work properly, Bluetooth in Windows 10 requires a properly installed driver. If the driver has a problem, then the Bluetooth will not work properly and we cannot send or receive files from other devices.

To fix this, try checking the Bluetooth driver on your computer, how to right-click on the Start button => select Device Manager => check if there is a Bluetooth driver there.

how-to-fix-bluetooth-can-not-send-and-receive-files in-windows-10-4

If you don't find the Bluetooth Driver in Device Manager, it means the driver is not installed, then you need to install it first. See the tutorial on how to install Windows 10 drivers at

9. Update Bluetooth Driver

Furthermore, you can also try to update the Bluetooth Driver if it turns out that the diver is already installed. Doing an update aims to make the diver, we use the latest, this is quite important to keep Bluetooth working properly for sending and receiving files on Windows 10.

The trick is to open Device Manger => click on Bluetooth Driver to expand => right click on the device => select Update Driver Software.

how-to-fix-bluetooth-can-not-send-and-receive-files in-windows-10-5

When the option appears, select Search automatically for updated driver software.

Wait until the update process is complete, make sure your internet connection is stable. After the update is complete, restart your computer. Then after the computer restarts, you can try to send files via Bluetooth in Windows 10, see if you can or not.

10. Reinstall Bluetooth Driver

If the method above doesn't work, then you can try to reinstall the Bluetooth drivers on your computer. The Bluetooth driver could be problematic or corrupt causing it to stop working. To fix this we can delete and reinstall it in order to get a program that is clean from errors.

The trick is to enter the Device Manager => right click on the Bluetooth Driver => select Uninstall. After that restart the computer.

how-to-fix-bluetooth-can-not-send-and-receive-files in-windows-10-6

After the computer starts, Windows will install the Bluetooth driver automatically. You can check it again in Device manager.

If the driver is not installed, then we can do it manually. The trick is to enter the Device Manager => click the Action menu on the top menu => select Scan for hardware changes.

11. Use a Bluetooth USB Dongle

how-to-fix-bluetooth-can-not-send-and-receive-files in-windows-10-7

The reason Bluetooth on Windows 10 can't send files could also be due to hardware damage. If this happens then all the methods described above will not work. The only solution is to repair the defective hardware or use external Bluetooth.

A Bluetooth USB Dongle can be an inexpensive solution. You can get it at the nearest computer shop for a fairly cheap price. Its use is also very easy, just plug the Bluetooth Dongle into the USB port and Bluetooth in Windows 10 is ready to use to send and receive files.

12. Move the USB Dongle to Another USB Port

If you are already using a Bluetooth USB Dongle but still Bluetooth in Windows 10 doesn't work, then you can try moving it to another USB port. It could be that the port currently being used is unsuitable or damaged so that the Bluetooth Dongle is not detected.

13. Run the Troubleshooter

In Windows 10, there is a Troubleshooter feature that can be used to detect the causes of various errors and fix them automatically. We can also use this feature to try to fix the Bluetooth not working problem.

Go to Settings => Update & Security => Troubleshoot.

In the right panel find the option Find and fix other problems => click on the Bluetooth option => click the Run the troubleshooter button.

how-to-fix-bluetooth-can-not-send-and-receive-files in-windows-10-8

Wait for the scan to complete, then you will see the options given to fix the problem. There will also appear a description of what causes Bluetooth on your Windows 10 not working.

As the example image below shows, the cause of the Bluetooth problem is because the computer does not have a Bluetooth device.

This means that it could be due to undetected, damaged, or dead Bluetooth devices. The solution is to use an external Bluetooth device such as a Bluetooth Dongle as explained in the previous step.

14. Change the Power Options Setting

The Power Saver feature in Windows 10 is also suspected of being the cause of Bluetooth to stop working. This is because the Power Saver mode allows Windows, to turn off services that are not considered used, including the Bluetooth service.

If the Bluetooth service is turned off, Bluetooth will automatically stop working, causing us to not be able to send or receive files via Bluetooth.

Therefore, you can check after Power Options are used, how to go to Control Panel => select Power Options => check the Balanced option.

how-to-fix-bluetooth-can-not-send-and-receive-files in-windows-10-9

After that restart your laptop or PC, after turning it back on, try again to transfer files via Bluetooth.

15. Check Whether the Bluetooth Service is Still Running

As explained earlier, the stopping Bluetooth service is the reason why Bluetooth can't send files in Windows 10. If this problem occurs on your computer, then one solution that must be tried is to make sure the Bluetooth service is still running.

First, enter service by pressing Windows key + R on the keyboard => then type services.msc => click OK.

After the service window opens, look at the right panel. There you will see a lot of services on your Windows 10, both running and stopped.

Find a service called Bluetooth Support Service => click one time => then see the status information whether Running or empty.

how-to-fix-bluetooth-can-not-send-and-receive-files in-windows-10-01

If it is empty then on the left panel you will see a Start button. Click the button to run the Bluetooth service on your Windows 10.

Wait for the status to change to Running, then close the services window. Try again using Bluetooth to transfer files, it should work now.

16. Remove Programs That Conflict With Bluetooth

To solve the problem of Bluetooth not being able to send files in Windows 10 you may also need to check if there are programs that have a term "clashing" with Bluetooth.

This can happen, when we install a program Bluetooth suddenly doesn't work. This means that the program that we install is interrupting Bluetooth operation, or even making it unable to run at all.

Try to remember again, did this Bluetooth problem occur after you installed a certain program? If so, then try uninstalling the program first. After that try again using Bluetooth to send or receive files from the cell phone, see if the problem is gone?

17. Reset Windows 10

This is the last solution to overcome Bluetooth not being able to send or receive files in Windows 10 without having to reinstall. We can reset the PC to restore Windows to its original state like it was just reinstalled.

Resetting the PC will still delete all third-party applications, but the data on the C drive such as the Downloads, Documents, Pictures, Videos, and Desktop folders will not be lost.

If all the methods above have been tried, but still don't work, then you can reset. We have explained the steps in a previous post, you can see them here: How to Reset Windows 10.

These are some of the solutions we can provide to solve the problem of Bluetooth not sending files on Windows 10. Hope this helps. If you still have questions, don't hesitate to fill in the comments column below.