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How to Change the Windows 10 Themes

To make Windows 10 look cooler, we can change the default theme with a custom theme according to taste. In the previous post, we have provided some

Konten [Tampil]

To make Windows 10 look cooler, we can change the default theme with a custom theme according to taste. In the previous post, we have provided some recommendations for cool themes for Windows 10 that you can use.

Just choose one of the themes you like and download the file to your computer.

After downloading the theme that you want, then we must install it first so that the theme changes can be applied in Windows. On this occasion howto-bingGo will show you how to change themes in Windows 10 step by step.

How to change the Windows 10 theme

1. Download the theme file you want to install

First, you find out which Windows 10 theme you want to install first, please look for the link we have provided above. After that, download the file and save it on your computer.

2. Install the UXThemePatcher application

To install non-Microsoft themes, or custom themes, we need the help of a preacher's application.

After that, install the application as usual on your computer.


This application only needs to be installed, then leave it alone, the UXThemePatcher application does not need to be opened again.

3. Extract the theme files to the Themes directory in Windows 10

Next, extract the theme file that you downloaded earlier. Then move it to the directory C: / Windows / Resources / Themes.


Theme files have a .Theme extension.

Usually there will also be a folder with the same name as the theme file. Copy the files and folders to the Themes directory as shown above.

If the theme file provides several versions for different Windows 10 builds, then you must first check your Windows 10 version by pressing the Windows + R key => type whenever => OK.

After knowing which version of Windows 10 is on your computer, copy and paste the theme that matches the build version.

4. Open the Personalization menu 

After completing the steps above, the theme of your choice is ready to use. Then we just need to change the theme in Windows as usual. Please follow the steps below.

Click the Windows button => Settings => Personalitazion => Themes => select the theme you want.


5. The theme has been changed successfully in Windows 10

Done, with the method above, we have successfully changed the theme in Windows 10 using a custom theme. If you want to install other themes, all you need to do is copy and paste the extracted file into the C: / Windows / Resources / Themes directory then change the theme as usual.

How to change themes from Microsoft in Windows 10

The method above applies to non-Microsoft themes, meaning the themes you get from free theme sharing sites like and others.

Indeed, there are many more and cool themes there, but you also have to be careful in choosing a theme, sometimes there are themes that actually have bugs and cause computer performance to be disrupted.

As an alternative we can also install themes that come from Microsoft, this theme seems to be superior in terms of security and compatibility, there are also many choices, it's just still less interesting when compared to non-Microsoft themes.

Here's how to install Microsoft themes on Windows 10:

1. Download the theme you like from the Microsoft website

Please select one or more themes that you like from the links above. There are many theme choices based on the category, select the one you want, then download the file to your computer.

2. Install the theme to the computer

The next step is to install the downloaded theme to your computer. Downloaded themes files have a .Themepack extension.

How to install it is very easy, by double-clicking the file, the theme will be installed directly in the library.

3. Change the theme via the Personalization menu

The final step is to replace the theme with the new one that has been installed. The same way is to click the Windows button => click Settings => Personalization => Themes => select a new theme, Done.

How to install Windows 10 themes from the Microsoft Store

Themes for Windows 10 can also be found from the Microsoft Store, so there are quite a few options there. You can use a free theme or buy a paid version if you're interested.

To install it is also very easy, just like installing applications from the Microsoft Store as usual. Here are the steps you have to do.

How to install themes from the Microsoft Store:

  1. Click the Windows button.
  2. Click the Settings button (gear icon).
  3. Select the Personalization menu.
  4. Select the Themes menu.
  5. Click on the Get more themes from the Microsoft Store menu. 

  6. Log in using a Microsoft account, if you don't have a register first, use an outlook email address.
  7. Select the theme you like and then click once.
  8. Click the Get button. 

  9. Wait for the theme to finish downloading and installing.
  10. Change the theme via the Personalization menu.

Those are some ways to change the Windows 10 theme using either the default theme, custom themes, dark mode, and themes from the Microsoft Store. Very easy, right? Hopefully this helps, if there are difficulties do not hesitate to comment below.