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How to Change the Default File Opener Application in Windows 10

The default application in Windows 10 can be changed according to our wishes. When opening a file such as photos, images, music, word documents, excel

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The default application in Windows 10 can be changed according to our wishes. When opening a file such as photos, images, music, word documents, excel, pdf, TXT text and other file formats, we can freely determine which application to use.

The default application that is set will be the file opening application that matches the format supported by the application. When we double-click to open the file, it will open in the default application specified.

When do we need to set the application as the default?

The first is  reinstalling Windows 10, and the second after we have installed quite a number of applications.

Because usually when there are too many applications for one type of file format, several application options will appear to open it. To make work faster and more effective, we can set it to open with the best applications in Windows 10 that suit your needs.

On this occasion, bingGo will provide a tutorial to make it easier for you to set the file opening application on Windows 10 as you wish. Check out the steps below.

How to set apps as default in Windows 10

1. Enter Settings

The first step is to enter the Windows 10 settings. Click on the Start button> click the gear button.


2. Select the Apps menu

You will see all the Windows settings there, then click on the Apps menu.


3. Select Default apps

Then on the right panel, click on the Default apps menu.

4. Change the Default application as desired

Pay attention to the Choose default apps section. There are several application options that can be adjusted according to the type of file you want to open.


First, on the Email menu, change to the desired email opening application. The recommended application is Microsoft Outlook.

On the Maps menu just leave it as the default.

In the Music player, change to the application you want. The recommended application is AIMP.

File formats included in music files are MP3, AAC, Ogg, FLAC, ALAC, WAV, AIFF, DSD, PCM, MPEG-4, MPEG-1. The most popular format is MP3. To change more specifically, you can set it directly through the player application.

Then on the Photo viewer menu change to the desired application. The default photo opener application in Windows 10 is Microsoft Photos, however, some users feel uncomfortable with this application and prefer the old Windows Photo Viewer application.

File formats that are included in the image or photo files are JPEG, JPG, PNG, TIFF, GIF, BMP, WebP, SVG, and many more. 
In the Video player menu, you can also change it to the desired application, applications that are quite light for Windows 10 are VLC and Media Player Classic.

File formats included in the video file types include MP4, AVI, MPEG, MPG, WebM, WMV, FLV, MOV, QT, M4P, 3GP, M4V, M2V.

The last part is to change the default application for the browser. The browser application in Windows 10 is Microsoft Edge, you can change it to Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

5. Close Settings and try opening the file that is already set

After finishing replacing all the default applications in Windows 10 via the settings menu above, then you can try to open the existing file to check whether it is open according to the application that has been set.

Change the default application directly via the Properties menu

In the previous method, not all file formats can be changed, there are several formats that are not included in the Apps settings. To change the opening application, we have to do it directly via the file's Properties menu.

A file format that is not specified by the opening application can cause the system to become error, loading continuously, and even crashes that cause our work to be interrupted. Therefore, to speed up Windows 10 so that it remains optimal, this needs to be considered.

Follow the steps below:

1. Find the file that you want to replace the opening application with

First open Windows Explorer, then enter the directory where the file in question is located.

2. Right click on the file

Then right click on the file.

3. Select the Properties menu

Then click on the Properties menu at the very bottom.


4. Change the startup application

On the General tab, pay attention to the section Opens to => click on the Change button => select the desired application.


For example, I want to change the default application that opens the .txt file format (text), by default the application is Notepad, if you want to change it to Wordpad then click on Wordpad that appears there then click OK.


If the application does not appear in the option, then click on the More Apps option> click again Look another app on this PC.

Then enter the application directory> select the application with the .exe format.

For example, I want to change the .txt file opening application to Notepad ++ then click on Look for another app on this PC> enter the Notepad ++ directory> click on the notepad ++. Exe file> click Open> click OK.


5. Change the default program to open other files as desired

To replace another file opener, please do according to the steps above. Replace one by one until all files are open with the application according to your needs.

That's the tutorial on how to change the default application in Windows 10, hope it helps. If you still find it difficult, don't hesitate to comment below.