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Changing the Functions of the Mac Keyboard Keys Using Windows 10

On this occasion, bingGo will provide an easy way to change the function of the keyboard keys on a Mac so that they don't change when using Windows 10

Konten [Tampil]

Afterinstalling Windows 10 on MacOS, one of the adjustments that need to be made is changing the function of the keyboard keys. As we know, the keyboard layout on a Mac is a little different from other laptops, especially on the fn, control, option, and command keys on the bottom left that are most often used.

When using MacOS, the command button functions like the CTRL key on Windows. For example, to copy-paste we have to press command + c / v, while in Windows we have to press CTRL + c / v.

This command button will change its function when we move to the Windows 10 operating system, where its function is no longer as CTRL, but as a Windows key, while the CTRL function moves to the control key.

This does seem trivial, but because we are familiar with keyboard layouts on Macs, we often press the wrong key when using Windows 10. Those of you who use Mac dual boot will understand what I mean.

On this occasion, bingGo will provide an easy way to change the function of the keyboard keys on a Mac so that they don't change when using Windows 10.

How to change the function of the Mac keyboard keys in Windows 10

1. Install the SharpKeys application

Boot your Mac into Windows 10, then download the following applications: Download

When finished downloading, first extract the file then install as usual.

2. Open the application that has been installed

Then open the Sharpkeys application that has been installed.

This application acts as a registry injector. Modifications that we make in GUI mode will be converted into registry scripts and can be directly injected without having to open regedit.

3. Click the Add button

After entering the Sharpkeys application, click on the Add button.


4. Fill in the left column with the button you want to replace

The left column must be filled with the keyboard key that you want to replace. Suppose you want to change the function of the command button to CTRL. Then the left column must be filled with the command button.

You do this by pressing the Type key in the application => then press the command button on the keyboard => click OK.


5. Fill in the right column with the target button

Do the same for the right column.

Press the Type key on the application => press the target button => click OK.


For example, if you want to replace the command button with the CTRL key, then the right hand column must contain the control key.

When finished selecting buttons on the left and right column, click the OK button.


6. Click Write to registry

Then click the Write to registry button to enter the script that has been made in the Windows 10 system registry.


7. Sign out to see the results

To apply the changes that have been made, sign out first and then sign in again. Check if the button has been successfully replaced.

8. Change the function of the other buttons in the same steps

Then you can repeat the steps above to change the functions of other Mac keyboard keys as needed.

Here are some buttons that you may need to replace:

  • The command becomes CTRL.
  • Control becomes Windows.
  • The right command becomes CTRL.

This is the tutorial on how to change the keyboard function on a dual boot MacBook and iMac with Windows 10. Hope it helps.